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Photo Retouching by Nina

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Steps to Obtain Estimate & Finalize Order

 1. Email us at photofix8@att.net and request a Service Form to help you to describe what you would like us to do.

 2. When you get the Service Form, in order to mark it and indicate your desires on our checklist, you first will have to click "reply." Then, mark the checklist with an X, indicating what you want changed or repaired.  Then, attach your scanned photo to this email, and click "send." (Sending it to us at photofix8@att.net ) Please include your contact information.

Please make a note of the retouching order number we send you, as you will need to include this number in this in all correspondence regarding the retouching work, especially at check out and when purchasing any prints.  Your retouched photos will be kept on file for at least two years.

Your photo should be scanned in color at no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch) for 8X10 sized photo or 400 dpi for 4 X 6 size. If you are unable to scan it yourself, you can bring your photo to a quality photographer or a copy center such as FedEx/Kinko’s, Office Depot or Staples (NOT a photo counter at a grocery or drugstore). Ask them to scan it according to the above specifications in jpeg format and save it on a CD. Then you can email it to us or send the disc by USPS. 

Or, you can mail the original photo to us in a protective cardboard photo envelope (available at Wal-Mart or office supply stores). If you decide to send the original photo, you MUST send it insured by registered mail (requiring a signature). We will scan it and return it to you by registered mail and will insure it for the value you designated when you sent it to us. We request that you DO NOT send us original irreplaceable family heirloom photos, though.  It's far safer to get them scanned onto a disc locally.

If you are sending a photo from a digital camera, email it to us at the highest possible resolution (but nothing larger than a 9 megabite file may be attached to any one email).

 3. After we have your photo, we will email a quote to you for the services you requested and any others that we might recommend and ask for any needed clarification of your request.

 4. We will begin work once you agree to the total price and we receive your down payment of $10, $25, or $50 per photo, depending upon the estimated cost.

Turnaround time is usually 5-7 work days.  We will email you a proof of the repaired/altered image for review. 

(If you use a widescreen monitor: note that some widescreen monitors distort images, making them appear shorter and wider than they really are.  Depending upon your monitor's controls, you may be able to adjust your horizontal and vertical settings to fix this, so that what you see is true to size.)

   5. After we receive full payment (see PayPal link below), we will send to you your retouched photo in one of two ways:

    (a.) If you desire to print out your own copies, we will send your order to you digitally via email attachment or on a CD.

    (b.) Or, we will send you high quality prints on glossy photo paper via USPS.  Prices for these prints are listed below.

Along with your order, we will return your original print (or your original CD if requested).

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To pay through PayPal for pre-arranged down payment for retouching services,
select option 1, 2, or 3 for correct amount, then click Buy Now.

Down Payment

To pay balance due for retouching services,
click on the PayPal box below.
NOTE: The balance due link below will take you to PayPal.
There you will be asked to enter the balance amount due.

After we receive balance due payment, the retouched photo will then be sent to you via email attachment.
If, in addition, you desire prints, see below.


To order prints on highest quality glossy photo paper,
you will need to identify which print you are requesting.

In the box below,
type in the retouching order number we sent to you in order to identify the desired photo.

Next, click the "Add to Cart" button. This will take you to PayPal.
Click the "Continue Shopping" button to return to this page where you can select your choice of prints.

Enter Photo ID Number

Next, select from the following:
Shipping will be added at checkout.


3.5 X 5 ~ one print ~ $2.50

4 X 6 ~ one print ~  $3.00

 5 X 7 ~ one print ~ $4.50

8 X 10 ~ one print ~ $8.00

(Note: unless your original photo has high enough resolution,
 it will not print out well at 8 X 10 size.

~~ 0 ~~


3.5 X 5 package ~ four prints ~ $8.00 

4 X 6 package ~ three prints ~ $8.00

5 X 7 package ~ two prints ~ $8.00


To Pre-arrange a Rush Order:

Email photofix8@att.net

or Call 321-298-7110


For RUSH ORDERS we send to you BY EMAIL:

You will be charged an additional $10.00 fee for retouching service.
1-2 days are required for expedited retouching, excluding weekends,
depending on complexity of retouching service requested.

In box below, type in photo ID number, then click Add to Cart button

Rush Retouching ID number



We offer two choices:


For 2-3 day mail delivery of shipment up to 13 oz., regular 1st class shipping charges apply.

Step 1. Pay the $10.00 Rush Order fee for expedited photo retouching by typing in the photo ID number,
and clicking the Add to Cart button

Rush Retouching ID number

Step 2. Select your print or package from the print menu above, and then check out with PayPal.



If you request the fastest possible shipping, your prints will be sent via Express Mail, costing $10.00 for expedited retouching plus $17.50 for Express Mail 1 day shipping to most parts of continental USA (total $27.50).

Step 1. Type in photo ID number and click on Add to Cart Button

Express Retouching ID Number

Step 2. Select your print or package from the print menu above, and then check out with PayPal.


Thank you for allowing us to serve your photo needs

Nina - PT Impressive Bold


Minimal Restoration~ $10 to $25 for any one
of the following:

* One or two scratches or spots (not on vital areas)
* Red eye correction
* Whiten yellowed teeth
* Remove acne or other blemishes
* Brightness/contrast correction
* Lighten dark photo
* Color correction
* Crop and resize

 ~ For each additional minor correction, we charge
     an additional $5

Moderate Restoration~ $30 to $45 for any one
of the following:

* Remove effects of creases seen in original photo
* Fix small missing or torn areas of photo
* Remove small, unwanted objects
* Remove shine from face
* Adjust tint
* Remove wrinkles from face
* Remove major scratches or tears
* Restore yellowed photo to black and white
* Add decorative border to photo

 ~ For each additional moderate correction, we charge
    an additional $5-$10

Major Restoration~ $50 +

* Replace missing part of face (this may require a second source photo)
* Combine parts from two or more photos
* Add a person to a group shot (this always requires a second source photo)
* Change background (place person into a different setting)
* Remove large, unwanted objects or figures

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