About Nina

Nina’s Biography

Nina Snyder was born in CT in 1937, a third generation Italian American. She and her husband, Tom, have 4 daughters (all of them in the medical field) and 5 grandchildren plus another granddaughter in Heaven.

Over the years, Nina has become productive in her writing and artwork, including drawing 5 pieces for the Disney cruise line’s corporate offices, painting a mural for a pool house at a condo in Titusville, FL and a CD album cover for a musician acquaintance. She does commission drawings of children and pet portraits and recently has created Biblical illustrations. Occasionally she has tutored individuals in her studio and has taught composition and drawing classes at local churches.

In the late 1970’s Nina co-wrote with Bronwyn Cochran a musical allegory, “Canticle to the Lamb,” which was performed by their church at an outdoor stage in Deland, FL and featured songs composed by several members of their church.

In the 1990’s Nina traveled occasionally with her father and mother, Rev. Frank and Evelyn Marzullo, when they ministered healing and deliverance in South America.

Nina has ghost-written 2 books: an autobiography for Rev. Arthur Burt from North Wales, entitled Around the World in 80 Years, updated eight years later as Around the World in 88 Years, and her father’s first book, Eight Keys to Spiritual and Physical Health. She edited 20 additional books and booklets for her father. Her brother, Frank Marzullo Jr., has also received her editing assistance for some of his booklets.

While attending Northland Community Church, Nina contributed to the writing of two of Northland’s Life Training Center courses: Panoramic Tour of the Bible and God’s Plan for Successful Living. Following that, she worked with the Successful Living team to make this course available for a time on the Internet.

Nina’s life message is this:

“My journey has taken me through many concepts about God – from God is distant and forbidding, to God doesn’t exist, to God is close and loving. Over time, I’ve come to realize that God wants to walk closely with us daily, teaching and comforting us, and empowering to be all that He created us to be and to do all that He created us to do.”