Nina’s Snyder – Bibliography

Nina Snyder has always loved art since she was a young child. She started out writing with her father and has since been an editor and author of several books and booklets. He primary work is influenced by Jesus Christ and Unlocking the secrets of the bible.


Books by Nina Snyder

1982 – Eight Keys to Spiritual and Physical Health (for Frank Marzullo)

1993 – Around the World in 80 Years (for Arthur Burt)

2001 – Around the World in 88 Years (for Arthur Burt)

1996 – Made in His Image and Likeness

2014 – Notes from God – Wisdom for a Great Life

2015 – Q & A – On the Authenticity of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles Today

2015 – The Body of Christ

2015 – The Holy Spirit of Promise